Vickie Knepper-Adrian

Native American, Equine and Wildlife Art.

Vickie Knepper-Adrian

A life long resident of Iowa, Vickie loves to travel and see the natural beauty of this country, finding inspiration for her art.

Her interest in horses started as a young girl. She would buy a Western Horseman magazine and would wear out the pages dreaming of her own horse some day. Altho, it wasn't in the cards to own her own a horse, she did the next best thing - Create them as works of art!!!

As a high school student, she became interested in Native American history and culture. Of particular interest was the Plains tribes and over the years her interest grew into an insatiable passion.

Returning to the art world after taking time off to raise a family, Vickie says, "it has become a rebirth for me, personally and artistically. It allows me to share a part of myself with others".

It wasn't long before she was discovered by the Trail of Painted Ponies. She took her love of horses and Native American history and combined them, to quickly become the top Native artist for the Trail. She has created 11 figurines that are stamped with her unique style, several of which have become best sellers. These include Wounded Knee, War Cry, Warrior Brothers and Trail of Tears.

Her ability to touch people with these dimensional pieces, gives them a personal connection to Vickie's artwork. "I try to spark a curiosity about a time or place in history with my Painted Ponies" says Vickie. "To give them some history of a people or culture they might not have known. It is always important to me when I create a Native piece to get it right, to be respectful of the history and people I am representing."

Internationally known for her work with the Trail of Painted Ponies, she is fast becoming well known for her other works. Working primarily with watercolors, pastels and colored pencils, "I paint what lives inside me" states Vickie. Always exploring new ways to express her creativity, look for new and exciting work to be debuted here and on her Facebook page: Vickie Knepper-Adrian Artist.